Almond Breeze Frequently Asked Questions

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About our Packaging

Are Almond Breeze® cartons recyclable?

Both shelf stable and refrigerated cartons along with milk and juice cartons are recycled through a simple, well-established process called ‘hydrapulping.’ The high-quality fiber used in the production of paper products such as tissue and paper towels and fine writing paper. In some cases, the plastic / foil residual is being recycled into high-end plastic lumber products. Nearly 12 million households in 26 states in the US have the ability to recycle shelf stable packages and milk and juice cartons curbside and the numbers keep growing. Check with your local recycling center to confirm that the container is recycled in your area. Almond Breeze cartons can be recycled after removing plastic screw caps or plastic spout.

Is the carton microwavable?

No. Almond Breeze® cartons are not microwave safe.

What is the carton made of?

Refrigerated Almond Breeze® is packaged in gable-top 1.89L carton with a white plastic pour spout fitment. All container boards are Canada Food and Drugs Act compliant virgin materials with a multi-layer structure and an oxygen barrier designed for extended shelf life applications.

 Shelf-stable Almond Breeze® cartons are a laminate of three materials: high-quality paperboard, polyethylene, and aluminum. Paperboard provides stiffness and strength to the product. Polyethylene provides a tight seal for the innermost and outermost layer of the carton. Aluminum forms a barrier against oxygen and light which helps preserve product without refrigeration and/or added preservatives. There is no leaching of aluminum or aluminum components through the plastic layer.

Does the carton contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

No. All Almond Breeze® packaging materials do not contain BPA.

In what country is Almond Breeze® produced?


Can I order refrigerated Almond Breeze® directly from Blue Diamond Growers?

No, the refrigerated gable top Almond Breeze® products are not available directly from Blue Diamond Growers.