Almond Breeze Frequently Asked Questions

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Making Almond Breeze

Where are the almonds used in Almond Breeze® grown?

The almonds are grown in orchards by our grower co-operative members in California.

Are Almond Breeze® products pasteurized?

Yes. Shelf stable Almond Breeze® is produced via a process called ‘aseptic’. The aseptic process is a closed process and is a form of pasteurization and commercial sterilization which utilizes a very high temperature that is regulated by the applicable U.S. State and Federal  food safety law and regulation.

How do you make the Almond Breeze® so creamy without adding dairy ingredients?

Almonds naturally contain a high content of good fat that provides for a naturally creamy texture. Blue Diamond has developed and patented product formulas that deliver a mild tasting almond beverage with a smooth and creamy texture. Almond Breeze® is made with carefully selected almonds and quality ingredients which when combined and processed in the proper ratios results in truly unique product.

Is there a difference beyond temperature between the refrigerated Almond Breeze and the non-refrigerated product? 

Both are produced in commercially closed sterilization processes. The shelf-stable products are produced on aseptic production lines - the same as other non-dairy milk alternatives. The refrigerated product is produced in a dairy process, without using any dairy ingredients.

Both processes run at high temperatures - the aseptic, however, remains at a high temperature for a longer duration than the refrigerated product.

 The packaging for the shelf-stable product is called tetra-pak and is designed for shelf stability of the unopened product for an extended period of time. The refrigerated product's packaging, on the other hand, is not constructed for shelf stability and must be refrigerated at all times. The aseptic line was recently reformulated to reduce the calories to resemble that of the REFRIGERATED Almond Breeze®.

Is Almond Breeze® kosher?

Refrigerated Almond Breeze® is certified Kosher OU-D. They are dairy free products made on heated equipment also used for dairy products. Blue Diamond uses stringent equipment cleaning and testing procedures to ensure that products made on dairy equipment are dairy-free.  For individuals following orthodox kosher rules, dairy-free products processed on heated equipment also used for dairy may not be eaten together with a meat product.  Refrigerated Almond Breeze® is safe for individuals with dairy allergies.

 All Shelf Stable Almond Breeze® products are certified Kosher OU meaning that all ingredients are kosher certified containing neither meat nor dairy ingredients or derivatives.